Emily Schrader

Social media expert focusing on the Middle East


No peace without justice

It’s time for the international community to take a stand and recognize the Jewish right for Justice, as well as demand full accountability by Arab states for their crimes against the Jewish people. There will be no peace without justice. Read more:

AJ+ Temple Mount Lies

Since it’s inception, Qatari propaganda mouthpiece AJ+ has been flooding social media with catchy videos on a variety topics. The page is an attempt to whitewash the abhorrent human rights violations, sexism, corruption, gay rights abuses, and funding of terror which the state of Qatar (and as a result Al Jazeera) promote. Read more.



Tweeting Hitler

Facebook and Twitter, you have provided a wonderful outlet for disseminating alternative information, but the rampant and disgusting anti-Semitism on social media must stop. Read more here.

Lessons not learned: The Armenian genocide

As human beings, we want to believe that we’ve evolved beyond evil. Read more here:

Schrader: Running for Shelter — On the Ground in Israel

It is unfair that those of us who live here should be held hostage to the violence of terrible organizations who use and abuse human life like Hamas. I want peace, Israel wants peace, but I don’t see how that can happen at this point without a strong military action by Israel. Read more here.

The Ivy League Babbitt

In university classrooms, and across campuses nationwide, we hear it repeatedly: Ever--increasing calls for “social justice.” But not everyone is on board. Read more here:

Peace is more than a piece of Paper

Obama’s public condemnation of Israel rapidly sent his entire first term down the wrong path for American supporters of Israel. Read more here.

Senior UN official: ‘Settlers are whacked out’

The UN has a long history of officials with biased opinions in “impartial” positions, such as Richard Falk. Read more here.

Reexamining Economic Peace

When Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu proposed his economic peace plan in 2009, it didn’t go quite the way he hoped it would. Read more here.

GOP should rally behind immigration reform

Once the border is secure, a path to citizenship is the right thing to do for those already living in the United States. Read more here.

What not to wear: Do you know what you're advertising?

Is it too much to expect of people to at least have a minimal understanding of the meaning behind what they’re advertising on their chest, head, or backpack? Read more here.


Standing Up for Israel on Social Media

Too often when Israel is featured in the news, it is for something negative. Yet, the reality is that there are so many great stories always coming out of Israel — a democratic country with a highly educated, diverse and driven population. Against the backdrop of a hostile media, it is necessary for Israel to tell its own story.

StandWithUs (SWU) is an Israeli organization that is doing a great job proactively protecting and promoting Israel online.  Read more here.

Advocacy Group Draws Support for Israel From Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Yemen, Qatar, Iran

Israel advocacy group StandWithUs on Wednesday said that when it asked social media followers to send a picture of their passports in support of Israel, readers quickly sent in more than 1,000 passports from 100 countries, including Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Yemen, Qatar, Malaysia, and Iran. Read more here.

Twitter users lampoon Palestinian claim to Dead Sea Scroll

Using the hashtag "#PalestinianClaims," hundreds of Twitter users posted pictures of famous historical figures, pieces of art and landmarks with a satirical description of its Palestinian roots. The hashtag quickly rose to the top of the trending list for Israel. Read more here.

#CancelTelAviv: Twitter users call on Jennifer Lopez to cancel reported Israel show

The hashtag #CancelTelAviv was gaining steam on Monday on Twitter as Palestinian and BDS activists posted bloodied photos of purported Gazan children and destroyed buildings to encourage Lopez to cancel her unconfirmed show. Read more here.

Free speech, hidden cameras don't mix

Secret tapings can only have a chilling effect on the classroom. Read more here: