Emily Schrader

Digital Marketing and Branding Expert


Operation Northern Shield

Assisting in educating about Israel’s Operation in November 2018-January 2019 to locate, expose, and destroy attack tunnels dug by Hezbollah from Lebanon into Israel. Content included original videos, graphics, and livestreams.


Social media campaign lobbying the US Department of Education to condemn the antisemitism and ties to terrorism of the National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP) ahead of their annual conference on UCLA’s campus. The campaign had original videos, graphics, and articles, and reached over 800,000 people and had over 3,000 letters to the US Department of Education sent.

AIRBNB Discrimination

Online campaign to raise awareness about AirBnb’s discriminatory policy against communities in the West Bank. The campaign saw over 10,000 letters sent to Airbnb through the campaigns social media efforts.

#IranProtests Activity

Social media campaign bringing together dozens of Israelis in support of the people of Iran standing up to their oppressive government. Social media activity made headlines around the world in the beginning of 2018.

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I stand with Israel Passport campaign

Viral social media campaign during the 2014 Operation Protective Edge in which individuals from over 140 different countries submitted photos stating they stand with Israel against Hamas during the height of the 2014 IDF operation against terrorist organization Hamas.

#StopIncitement Social Media Campaign

Social media campaign to raise awareness globally during the so-called Stabbing Intifada, wave of Palestinian violence against Israelis in 2015-2016. This wave of violence was widely attributed to Palestinian society's embrace of violent, pro-terror social media postings and videos. 

Arabs, Iranians Voice Support For Israel In Trying Times: The pro-Israel advocacy group Stand With Us is using its Facebook page to conduct a #StopIncitement campaign aimed at getting people around the world to pressure the Arab leadership to stop encouraging the murder of Israeli Jews.
— Israel Today News

Represent Israel

Social media campaign during Operation Protective Edge in Israel to demonstrate global solidarity with Israel.

Israel Under Fire

Social media operation during Israel's Operation Pillar of Cloud that involved organizing dozens of volunteers across Israel to unite and present a coherent, truthful story of what's really going on as Israel is facing hundreds of rocket attacks from terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The campaign reached tens of millions on Facebook and Twitter and enabled the Israeli civilian population to share their side of the story of what's going in Israel. IUF provided a factual resource outside of government or military for the world to see the truth about Israel, and brought together volunteers in multiple languages. This campaign was led out of Jerusalem by a core group of volunteers, of which Emily was one. From the base in Jerusalem where the original campaign page was created by the core group, activists across the country engaged on campuses setting up "war-rooms" combatting misinformation on social media. Schools like IDC, Haifa University, and Hebrew University of Jerusalem followed the example set by Emily and core group of volunteers and developed this idea into an on-going task force for factual information about Israel in crisis situations.


Emily's expertise on social media has assisted organizations in fundraising in times of crisis on multiple occasions through partnerships with crowdfunding websites and other organizations.


As a social media expert, Emily has developed skills in graphic design that assist in marketing certain messages to the public for causes or for businesses. Emily has been particularly successfully in crisis management on social media. 


In 2016, Emily spearheaded efforts to engage in developing forms of social media technology: video and live video. Emily is responsible for developing the StandWithUs+ videos which discuss current issues in the Middle East from a factual, unbiased perspective.

Corporate Responsibility

When efforts to divide Israelis and Palestinians arise, Emily has led efforts on social media to pressure companies or individuals into choosing a path for peace and coexistence instead. When the boycott Israel (BDS) movement pressures businesses which actually harms Palestinians, Emily led efforts to educate the world about the true motives of BDS. When Israel or Israelis face discrimination, such as in the case of Air France, Emily led social media efforts to pressure the airline into fixing their flight maps which had removed the state of Israel entirely.

The company responsible for providing passengers with electronic maps on the French airline’s planes announced on Wednesday that it had added Israel to the maps.

Air France passengers on several recent flights noticed that Israel did not show up on the in-flight map and they voiced their concern last week on the Facebook page of the pro-Israel organization Stand With Us.
— i24 News

Viral Reach

Emily's graphics, videos, and social media content has been seen by hundreds of millions of people in over 18 languages. Through her work in Israel education at StandWithUs, she has developed ties around the globe and continues to work for peace.

Arabic Outreach

Emily spearheaded efforts to reach out to the Arab world on social media - dispelling widely held myths and conspiracy theories that routinely circulate on Arabic language social media. Together with activists and educators like Mark Halawa, Emily pushed forward Arabic language educational material on issues in the Middle East for StandWithUs Arabic.