Emily Schrader

Digital Marketing and Branding Expert


Emily Schrader is the Social Media Director of an Israel education organization, where she has taken Israel education and advocacy to new levels through social media marketing.  Emily has been a leader in the field of social media for over 5 years and has advised numerous organizations, individuals, and governments on how to achieve their potential through social media. Through her work, she has had the opportunity to train high school students, college students, units of the Israeli army, and other leaders in social media on the importance and value of social media in the digital age. Emily has also advised the Israeli parliament (Knesset) on the dangers of anti-semitism and terrorist activity on social media at the height of the 2016 "Stabbing Intifada" when social media activity spurred hundreds of terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens. During Operation Pillar of Defense in 2012, Emily was one of the leaders responsible for retaking the narrative of the operation on social media in the conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Emily worked alongside other organizations and the Israeli government to organize a volunteer task-force which created the Israel Under Fire social media campaign that reached hundreds of thousands. 


In 2014, Emily spearheaded the efforts on social media educating the public about what's going on in Operation Protective Edge. She worked alongside the Israel Defense Forces, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Prime Minister's Office to create real-time accurate content through engaging graphics and videos to tell Israel's story. Emily created a social media passport campaign which garnered support from individuals from over 140 countries against terrorist organization Hamas and was widely covered in the press. Emily's social media campaigns have reached up to 100 million weekly unique viewers and she is responsible for non-profit organizations reaching up to 1 million likes on Facebook. Emily also spearheaded efforts for Israel education in Arabic creating a digital presence in Arabic that reaches up to 1 million Arabic speakers in the Middle East weekly. Previously she worked in digital marketing and political campaigns. Emily is also a freelance writer whose work has been featured in numerous publications such as The Weekly Standard, The Jerusalem Post, the UT San Diego and more. Emily holds a Masters Degree in Political Communications from Tel Aviv University, and currently resides in Tel Aviv.